All casino players started out new to online gambling and for most it was steep learning curve when it comes to online casino bonuses. Once you understand bonuses and when to use them they can make playing sessions longer and more entertaining.

Let’s start with bonus basics

What is an online casino bonus?

A casino bonus is a reward the brand gives to players that join the casino or are loyal to the brand. Bonuses have 3 basic formats at the moment i.e.

  • Deposit match
  • No deposit
  • Game specific offers

How do I claim a casino bonus?

Most bonuses are added automatically to your balance when you sign up at an internet casino. If you do not want the bonus you have to request that it be removed before you make a wager. If you do not you have to adhere to the bonus terms and conditions.

The sign up bonus can be rewarded on your first deposit or does not require a deposit. It is very important to read the terms and conditionsBefore” you use the bonus. Recurring or loyalty bonuses are generally sent via email and have to be claimed via a link to be awarded. The same “rule” applies – read and understand the terms before accepting the bonus.

What are the best value promotions?

This is my opinion based on experience and will differ from player to player, however it is based on common sense. The best bonuses are deposit offers that have reasonable wagering requirements and can be withdrawn when you meet the terms and conditions. These are the reasons I would “not” accept a bonus.

  • Wagering requirements that are too high to be fair (more than 40X the deposit)
  • Bonuses that are “phantom” and cannot be withdrawn when you meet the terms
  • Promotions that have a maximum payout amount. These are high risk as you stand to lose a substantial part of your balance should you win on the day
  • Deposit offers with too many game restrictions
  • Deposit offers that do not allow progressive winnings
  • No deposit promotions with no chance of withdrawing your winnings

You may not agree, however following this formula has led to few disappointments win or lose.

The use of promotions

Should I always take the bonus?

The simple answer is no. You might reason that you should because the brand gave you the bonus. My advice on the matter is to consider the amount you are prepared to deposit and the time you intend playing. If you have budget that will keep you entertained for the time you are going to play don’t take a bonus. The bonus sifts the odds more in favour of the online brand.

When should I use a bonus?

I tend to use a bonuses when I more time then budget :). The truth be told this is what they should be intended for. Promotions should extend your sessions while still allowing you the opportunity to win and withdraw, which is what we all want do right? However that is not always the case and when we lose, we do not want to feel disappointed about the time spent rather, the fact that we lost, which is in our nature.

Promotion types

As mentioned before I prefer deposit bonuses, however let’s look at them all:

  1. Deposit Offers

    Generally these bonuses are based on percentage match of the amount you deposited. The bonus usually has a maximum and a minimum amount. An example of this would be “Deposit 100 and get 100% match up to 100.

  2. No Deposit

    It is exactly what the name implies, however in some cases they do require an action on your part to receive the bonus. In most cases it is to register a valid credit card to verify you age.

  3. Free Spins

    Free spins apply to specific online slot games. The bonus is either awarded when making a deposit or can be a no deposit bonus. In most cases the bonuses is what you win while making the set amount free spins awarded. The amount won might have a wagering requirement attached so beware.

  4. Loyalty Promotions

    Loyalty promotions generally have a tiered system where players are rewarded for the mount of deposits made or wagered depending on which brand you are playing. The promotions become more in value or frequency depending on which tier you are. They usually consist of cash back, better match bonuses, no deposit and free spins. There are other bonuses/rewards players receive, however this will depend on the individual circumstance or level of the player.

Lets recap

This article, “I hope” covered most of the questions you had about casino bonuses. Remember if in doubt ask and confirm, with the online casino’s support team before you take or use a promotion. Always read the terms and conditions of any bonus. If they are not clear have them emailed to you explained to avoid any complications. Most promotions are designed to lengthen your sessions, however be weary as this is not always the case. At you will find only the best online casino bonuses, chosen for being fair and transparent.